The Lloyd Carr-Harris Foundation


Our Mandate

The Lloyd Carr-Harris Foundation is a private Canadian foundation established in 1993. It was the late Lloyd Carr-Harris’ wish that his assets be used to fund areas of education, music and medical research.

 “The Lloyd Carr-Harris Foundation is constituted and is to be operated exclusively for charitable purposes and in particular for the purpose of carrying out charitable activities in the areas of education, music, and medical research, it being the overriding objective of the Settlor that the assets of the Foundation be used by the Trustees to enable more people to achieve happiness and thereby make the world a better place.”

The Trustees of the Foundation work with a mandate that is broad and generalized and their goal is to try and support Canadian projects showing the greatest need. Our decision process is by definition a subjective one, but we do have several guidelines, which we try to observe.

We do not give to endowment funds or to general capital campaigns; we prefer to give to specific projects, where the costs are fully accounted for and a defined objective exists.

 While the Foundation actively funds scholarships, we are mandated to provide funding through the individual institutions, who select the candidates and award the scholarships.

 We try to support community projects that fall within our guidelines, as we feel that they are important to the overall quality of life.

 We will offer initial support to projects meeting our guidelines, but this support is not a lifetime commitment and is to be seen as a one time gift to get projects up and running.

 While the Foundation actively funds medical research, we are mandated to provide funding to specific research projects through requests from individual doctors.

 We try to balance gifts across our areas of endeavour, i.e. medicine, education and music, but our decisions are always governed by budgetary constraints.

 We hope that this has given you some idea of our gift-giving guidelines and we welcome any further inquiries.

Contact Information

If you feel that your project could qualify for assistance, please download an application by clicking on one of the buttons on this page. All of the application forms are designed so that you can key your application data into the form and e-mail or fax it back to us.

If you feel that you need to mail us further documentation about your project, contact us by e-mail for our postal address.

The trustees of the Foundation meet quarterly to review applications. 






















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